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Magic Moon SoapWorks, Inc makes All-Natural Goats Milk Soaps, using only the purest of ingredients, herbs, & botanicals. Our little cottage industry company was lovingly created in 2009, after discovering and practicing the unique craft of making All-Natural, Hand-Crafted Artisan Goat's Milk Soaps. There are no "Melt-n-pours" here. We craft everything from scratch the way it's been done for centuries.

We are FREE of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, gluten, Nut Oils, chemical fillers or artificial ingredients and our bars are perfectly pH balanced. We are also very proud of the fact that we are a GREEN company and do NO Animal Testing. We were just certified by the as an international Cruelty-Free company!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The SCARY words of Bath and Beauty Products - Intro to All-Natural, part 1

Hello all!  With Halloween just around the corner, today I want to talk a little bit about the "Scary Words" of bath and beauty care products.  There is so much information floating around out there - that one can easily get confused.  My goal is to attempt to clear some of it up for you.

When you visit our website or reach for a bar of our soap, you might quickly see a bit of jargon about "Paraben, Phthalate, Dye, Sulfates and Cruelty Free".  But what in the world does all that mean?  In October we added "GMO Free" and in November - we're adding "100% Gluten Free".  OK, great!- more confusion.

Some of these scary words have to do with food additives (and yes GMO's are in those chocolaty Halloween treats), genetically altered manufacturing practices and some with the chemical use in manufacturing bathing and beauty products.  Why does Magic Moon put both bathing and food jargon in the mix?  Well- simply because we use 100% organic ingredients, many of them from the culinary world.  Because we handcraft our products with plant derived oils most commonly used in the culinary realm - we concern ourselves with all of these issues. We also use herbs and botanicals in our formulations as well - many you only heard about in your grandmother's garden or mother's kitchen.

You have to remember - that in the "All-Natural" philosophy - what you put ONTO your body is just as crucial as what you put INTO it.  Your skin literally absorbs a good portion of what you bathe it with and apply to it everyday.  Commercially manufactured shower gels, bath bars (notice I did not say 'soap'), creams,lotions, makeup, sunscreens, scrubs, pollution, free-radicals, lead, dirt, etc.- can be harmful.  Soap and Bath Bars - are two completely different things.  Bath bars most often contain very little that we could consider pure, natural or nature made.  True SOAPS on the other hand - can be all-natural bliss that feed and nourish your skin with everything that it is hungry for without all the unnecessary additives.  We finally are starting to see some of these on the common place grocery shelves and commercial manufacturers are finally getting it  - so they are ramping up their versions.

You've heard me say many times - that your skin is the largest organ of your body and if it's not healthy and happy - neither is the rest of you.  We hear of so many being diagnosed with Cancer every single day.  People that we consider health conscious, nutritious eaters, organic gardeners, etc- that are very conscious of what they put in their mouths.  But- are they just as conscious of what they bathe with? Is there so much junk in our environment and in the foods we put into our bodies - causing us more harm than good?  What about what we put ONTO our bodies?  How much of that is causing us tremendous harm?

This is not a topic that Bath and Body manufacturers want you to seriously pay attention to or ask questions about - I assure you.  They would rather entice you with pretty words about their products containing Vitamin E, Aloe, Green Tea and so forth - and not address the real issues of healthy skin care.  Even our children are not safe because of all the chemicals that are present in their "gentle baby and children's formulas".

But what does 'Healthy Skin Care' even mean?  Well - quite honestly - the only companies out there that you are even going to hear that from - are the ones that are serious about being a green or health conscious company.  To be in this once taboo category, stepping out of the common 'box' -would have meant exposing the serious issues that many companies attempt to skirt around religiously.  Only since the rising interest of "all-natural" and "certified organic" - these now common knowledge words were at one time, like a foreign language.

OK- getting off my soapbox now.  In this series - I hope to introduce you to all those SCARY words of bath and beauty products - why they matter and why you need to rid yourself of them.

Stay tuned...more to come very shortly - same Bath Time, same Bath Channel.  (couldn't resist - Loved Batman as a kid!)
Happy soaping - Dana!

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