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Magic Moon SoapWorks, Inc makes All-Natural Goats Milk Soaps, using only the purest of ingredients, herbs, & botanicals. Our little cottage industry company was lovingly created in 2009, after discovering and practicing the unique craft of making All-Natural, Hand-Crafted Artisan Goat's Milk Soaps. There are no "Melt-n-pours" here. We craft everything from scratch the way it's been done for centuries.

We are FREE of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, gluten, Nut Oils, chemical fillers or artificial ingredients and our bars are perfectly pH balanced. We are also very proud of the fact that we are a GREEN company and do NO Animal Testing. We were just certified by the as an international Cruelty-Free company!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ingredient Comparison of Magic Moon SoapWorks, Part 1

Hi there, Dana from Magic Moon SoapWorks here! 

This little research lesson turned out to be a doozie!  So, hold on to your hats and read this intro first!  I'll have Part 2 out in a little bit!

(Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, OH MY!)

This year, we've been to several festivals with our products and have met many wonderful people.  There are so many folks out there with skin issues these days.  Skin sensitivities, inflammations, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, allergies - you name it - they've got it.  Many people are wary of trying a product that they haven't heard of before - and at a festival - on my!  These are the reactions that we come across each and every day.  Actually - I would be too!  I'm a skeptic and you have to prove something's worth to me. 

(Common Concerns of Would-be Customers)
Many times we hear, "Oh I'll get it for my mom or hubby- but my dermatologist won't let me use anything else but __________".  We truly understand, because my family went through the exact same thing. My late husband had terrible Eczema, both sons with premature acne and me with very very fair "Irish" skin.  What I noticed about 10 years ago, was that the foods we eat and drink and all the products that we were laundering and bathing with - had dyes, preservatives and countless other unpronounceable chemicals in all of them.  The same chemicals that help the detergent bar dry in the wet soap dish and look pretty sitting there - were the same ones that I was dumping into my family's skin and causing havoc. 

(Early Findings of using more Natural)
I began finding as natural of products as I could, and it seemed to help.  Ones without dyes that claimed to have natural ingredients.  You have to remember - it wasn't nearly as easy back then as it is now.  But- it wasn't enough.  I went into an Indian food shop one day and found an imported 100% Olive oil bar with no dye, preservatives or drying agents listed - so I bought it. 

OK- awesome - It started working well and I was noticing a real difference in the decrease of new breakouts and dryness. 

(Nature has the Answer-if we'll Listen)
About that same time, my friend offered to teach me soap-making.  She had been making soap for the last 30 years and she had great skin. 

She also introduced me to Goat's Milk and how that helps with skin issues as well.  She assured me that great skin doesn't come "naturally", and that you have to take care of it.  Well- now I know that, in a sense - it actually does!  It may not come naturally - but Nature has a way of caring for her own - if we'll let her!  

The rest, as they say, is History!  That is how Magic Moon SoapWorks was born. 

Now 10 years later, we've turned a family's cascade of skin issues, a new found passion and hobby into a fledgling small cottage industry business.  Apparently - our family wasn't the only one out there having issues.

So, now after that little history lesson - you finally get what you came to this page for!  The comparison study that I did.  I promise - I really did attempt to be as unbiased as possible - which was hard, but here it goes!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why Use Soap Dishes with Natural Soaps?

Hi there,
Well I thought I would talk about the importance of soap dishes today!  I'm kidding, right?  That's like watching paint dry, one would think!    Not really! - I'll attempt to keep you awake!

Natural Soaps -
like the ones that we make at Magic Moon SoapWorks (in Salem, MA), have no defense against water puddles!  Handcrafted soaps, that are made with all-natural ingredients - contain no harsh chemicals or drying agents like commercially made detergent bars.  Why do I call them detergent bars?

Commercial Detergent Bars -
Because they aren't soap at all.  They are made with chemicals, harsh detergents, synthetic drying agents and chemical based artificial scents.  Those ingredients contain Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates at the very least.  Eeewwwhhhhh! [CLICK] on those little links and read - You'll be astounded!  There's a bad reason why they dry so well in the soap dish, even in a puddle.

Yes- even the "Good" ones that claim to moisturize and protect and might possibly contain Shea Butter or Aloe - but in such small increments and over-processed to the point - that they really don't do much good at all.  Yes- it might feel nicer than the deodorant bar you used last week - but the chemicals and films that it dumps onto your skin- after stripping away all your natural skin components, well - you are literally drying out or coating your skin and causing imbalance and damage to your body's largest organ.

OK- enough about those evil things.  Can you tell that subject is my "Soapbox"?
Why use a Soap Dish - 
Water puddles from the ritual of your daily bath or shower can literally wash away that beautiful bar of all-natural soap if you don't take care of it.  OK- fine- so how do you do that?  Proper Soap Dishing of course!  Appropriate drainage and aeration of your all-natural soap bar will keep it from "melting away" into that dreaded water puddle.

Gorgeous but no drainage for natural soaps!
So...any soap dish will do, right?  NOPE!!  The adorable one that your then 2nd grader made years ago - save that for sewing pins or pennies.  One that is pretty, ceramic, solid and might match everything else in the bathroom - might be OK, according to it's design.

another really good one!
Design?  Yeah- I'm really not kidding!  Ones that are concave with no real drainage simply help the puddle stay in it's place.  You need one that drains properly and allows air to get under and around your bar.  It can be wooden, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, recycled, or repurposed material of some kind - that part really doesn't matter.  What does matter is proper drainage and allowing the bar to dry in between uses.  You then will be enjoying that favorite little all-natural, skin-loving bar for many more baths to come.
Soap Slivers -Great- so you've saved that bar and have received many more uses from it - and it's a tiny sliver now.  Throw it away and get another, right?  NO!

Sisal Bag
Save your dry slivers in a reusable muslin tea bag, wrap it in wool or sisal bag- and continue to bathe with the bag - or place in your undies drawer or place in your car for a natural air freshener.
Natural Muslin Tea Bag

We use our slivers in the laundry room - rubbing stains with them or dropping in the washing machine for extra cleaning, and we now don't have to use commercial fabric softener.

...and you thought you had to live with that water puddle of softened bar.  Never again!   Enjoy and Savor Life everyday and remember... Life is Too Short to not use All-Natural Soap!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Pumpkins or Carrots in soap?  To Feed Your Skin, silly!

We get asked this ALL the time.  People absolutely cannot fathom the fact that we would ever go to the trouble of putting these two raw vegetables into handcrafted Cold-process Goat's Milk soap. Most soap makers haven't even heard of it until just recently.  In just the last couple of months, spas are starting to offer Full Body Pumpkin wraps, Carrot facials and Pumpkin scrubs.  About 2 years ago, out of curiosity and our "mad-scientist wanna-be" skills, we tried and were completely astonished that including Pumpkin and Carrot into our Goat's Milk formula worked.  And work - it did. For those that have tried our Pumpkin Carrot Bar - they will tell you - it ROCKS!
Click on the bar picture to get one!

What does "FEED your skin" actually mean, anyway?  Well, quite honestly - if you are going to attempt a healthy diet and lifestyle, take all-natural supplements for energy, stamina and cleansing your body from the inside - why wouldn't you do something healthy and positive for your outside as well?   You can eat all the raw amazing organically grown veggies and fruits you want - but point of fact is- that very little of it will get to nourish your skin as much as it needs.  Nourishment from the outside is JUST as important. 

Your skin is the largest and usually the most neglected organ of your body. We don't slough off the dead skin cells as well as we should and we don't concentrate on healthy skin cell regeneration as much as we ought. Why is this so important?  UV rays, pollution, poor diets, sodas, toxin intake, and stress - it all takes a toll on your skin - and you don't notice it UNTIL the dreaded day you notice a new wrinkle.

All-natural organically (pesticide free) grown Pumpkin and Carrots are full of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Potassium, Alpha-carotene, Zinc, Beta-carotene, and Lutein.  What the heck does that all mean?   Well - read on - and find out!

Alpha-Carotene and Beta-Carotene:
   Both are converted by the body to Vitamin A and act as antioxidants to cell damage done to the body through regular metabolism.   They help slow down the aging of cells.

Vitamin C:
    Also known as ascorbic acid, is key to the production of collagen, a protein that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmness and strength. Vitamin C also helps create scar tissue and ligaments, and it helps your skin repair itself.

Vitamin C and E:
    are antioxidants that slow the rate of free-radical damage -- free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A: 
    keeps skin and mucous membrane cells healthy. When membranes are healthy, they stay moist and resistant to cell damage. The moistness inhibits bacteria and viruses from "camping out" and starting infectious diseases.  Vitamin A and antioxidants protect the skin from sun damage. Deficiencies of Vitamin A cause dryness to the skin, hair and nails. Vitamin A prevents premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

    regulates water balance and assists in the body's recuperative powers.  Potassium is crucial for the elimination of wastes and toxins. Potassium promotes faster healing of cuts and bruises by aiding in proper and healthy cardiovascular and capillary circulation.  Capillary circulation is vital to good skin health by circulating wastes and toxins from tissue and eliminating it from the body.  You can't get all the Potassium you need from vitamins or supplements.  To maintain good health as well as skin health, you must consume over 3500 mg of Potassium daily.  Good water-soluble supplements provide only about 300mg daily.  Fresh veggies and fruits are a great way to get all of it you need daily.

   is a mineral that the body requires for the rebuilding of collagen, which is a requirement for the healing of skin wounds. Zinc is also a component in the proper functioning of enzymes that are required by the body to repair skin wounds. The benefit of zinc as a mild astringent is well documented in the dermatology profession. An astringent is a chemical substance that shrinks, constricts, or tightens body tissues.  And you thought it was just for acne!

    According to Medical News Today, lutein can help to improve the hydration and elasticity of skin. Lutein antioxidant activity can potentially help prevent oxidative damage to your skin. Lutein also helps protect the lipids, oils and fats in your skin. It is thought that Lutein may also help to protect skin from damage caused by the sun's UV rays and pollutants found in the air.

Obviously, bathing with our Pumpkin Carrot bar will not provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to gain and maintain a healthy balance.  Of course, we feel a huge difference in our skin when using the Pumpkin Carrot bar and think you will too. 
Your nutrition, healthy eating habits, and consuming enough water for proper hydration are vital to maintaining your skin's health.   But, by the time all those healthy habits are observed, very little makes it to the largest organ of your body.  That is why we feel that treating your skin with the Pumpkin Carrot bar is literally feeding your skin those vital components mentioned from the outside, in.   Working from 'both ends' as it were:  from the inside-out, and from the outside-in, surely you'll be covering the issue much better than you ever were.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why Goat's Milk in Soap?

I've written on this topic before - but we have so many new guests and members to this Blog as well as our new website:,  that I thought I would tell you again about the natural wonders of Goat's Milk.  

Some people still have never heard of having Goat's milk in their soap and can't imagine why it would be amazing for your skin.  We get asked constantly, why we insist on putting it into every product that we create.  What's the BIG deal?  

Well, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and read for the next 5 minutes - 
and you'll never have to ask that question again!

Why do we use Goat's Milk in our products?

 The inclusion of Goat Milk to our Cold Processed Goat's Milk soaps provide additional properties that are good for the skin as well as hair, because of its minerals and hydrating properties.
Some Properties of Goat Milk:
  • Milk contains essential proteins, amino acids, and vitamin A that nourish skin.
  • Goat's Milk is rich in beta-hydroxyl acids that act as natural skin conditioners.
  • Another important nutrient supplied by the goat's milk is lactic acid, which helps to gently clean and soften skin. Lactic acid also stimulates skin cell renewal.
  • Modern laboratories know why milk worked wonders for peoples skin in the past. Goats milk has natural alpha-hydroxyl acid, a natural substance that dissolves the glue holding dead skin cells to your skin.
  • It helps reduce skin darkening brought about by the wear and tear of aging.
  • Goat's Milk has been proven to cleanse skin down to its deepest layers.

Goats milk is naturally ultra-moisturizing. Goats milk soap contains capric, caprylic and capronic acids and natural occurring triglycerides. Otherwise known as good fats.  The result is a pH level that is good for healthy skin, while commercial soap can dry out the skin to the point at which it feels taut and itchy.

The benefits of goats milk are legendary and has been used 

for centuries as a luxurious beauty aid.

Why put Goat's Milk in Soap, you ask? Read on - You'll be amazed!

For Centuries, the benefits of bathing in Goat's milk have been known for its nutritional, healing, and moisturizing qualities. Goat's milk is easily absorbed into the skin, 
bringing with it moisturizing and restorative proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Cosmetic chemists refer to goat's milk as "nature's liposomes". 

The Vitamin and Mineral makeup of pure fresh Goat's Milk:
  • The Capric and Caprylic Acid found in Goat's Milk helps reduce the alkalinity of the soap, which aids in maintaining the slightly acid condition which healthy skin generates to prevent bacterial invasion. 
  • Caprylic acid is an anti-fungal, as well as exhibiting a high fungicidal activity against yeasts, especially Candida Albicans. 
  • Goat's milk is high in protein and triglyceride content making it an excellent natural moisturizer. 
  • It contains vitamin A, B6, B12 and E as well as Beta-Casein which all help with to hydrate and nourish dry skin.
  1. Vitamin A contains retinoids and is responsible for normal skin cell 'turnover' at a molecular level.  What does that mean for you?  Smoother, more youthful skin, combating wrinkles, free radicals and premature aging of the skin.
  2. One of the most significant benefits of Vitamin B6 is that it helps in maintaining good condition of human skin. It helps in treating a number of skin problems including eczema, dandruff, acne, hair loss and dry skin. More than that, it helps in treating serious skin diseases like melanoma and psoriasis. (source:
  3. Vitamin B-12 has been known for many years to help improve skin's condition from such ailments as eczema.  Will it CURE it?  We make absolutely no claims to that in our products, but I will tell you that it greatly improved my late husband's skin for the 8 years that he used it and he had suffered with Eczema since childhood.
  4. Beta-Casein - supplies amino acids; carbohydrates; and two inorganic elements, calcium and phosphorus to your skin.  Moisturizes and protects epidermal and dermal skin layers without adding excess oils.
  • Goat's milk is a natural emollient. Goat's milk makes soap gentle and especially kind to sensitive skin.
We use only 100% farm fresh whole Goats' Milk. The French and American Alpine goats that provide the milk are raised in a clean and all-natural environment, using only the finest feed ingredients and no artificial hormones or rBST (Bovine Growth Hormone).  All the milk provided for Magic Moon SoapWorks proudly provided by the Penbroke 4H Club.

OK- so there it is.  I probably got more technical that you were hoping - but I could go on and on about the skin benefits of pure fresh Goat's Milk.  Please post your questions and comments or you can email us at:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Botanicals for Winter Skin: OATMEAL & LAVENDER

Monthly Blog Article - Great Botanicals for Winter Skin-OATMEAL & LAVENDER

Oatmeal have a long history of being valued for skin care dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who used oat baths to heal skin ailments. Oats have B vitamins, protein, phosphorus and iron that dry imbalanced skin is thirsting for.

An excellent multi-purpose skin care treatment, oatmeal helps to relieve dryness, restoring natural moisture balance to aid in healing minor irritations due to the many causes and sources of skin sensitivities. Minor skin irritations can be caused by sensitivities to the ingredients in skin care products, exposure to chemicals found in household cleaning products, exfoliation with the wrong product, excessive scrubbing or rubbing during the exfoliation process, and many other factors. Cleansing the face with oatmeal helps to soothe skin irritation and reduce discomfort.

Combined with Oatmeal to make an amazing, one of a kind - skin healing, nourishing and balancing routine for healthy skin-especially in the Winter - is none other than Lavender!

Lavender's skincare benefits include that of being an antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps to reduce scarring and speeds healing. The essential oil is also an anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant. OK, hmmm! What the heck does all that mean?

When inflammation is reduced there is less skin redness and blotchiness of the complexion. when the circulatory system is enhanced by the use of this essential oil an increase in blood flow means more nutrients being brought to the skin along with much needed oxygen to the cells. This is essential to healthier cells, and benefits more frequent cell turnover.

So, how does that benefit you? Dry, damaged or older skin is reduced in it's own regenerative affects and it's elasticity. The Lavender and the Oatmeal renew and rejuvinate those properties. If you have acne prone skin, itchy, sensitive, scarred, burned, chapped, overly-dried with acne underneath - the Oatmeal and Lavender combine to balance, exfoliate and recover your skin from all those conditions.

Here at Magic Moon - we've combined this two fabulous botanicals along with the fresh whole Goat's Milk that we always use in our soaps. [CLICK] here to see Oatmeal Lavender Cream. It's Kaleb's new Favorite and he uses it from head to toe. We're getting Rave reviews from our Human Guinea Pig troop!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skin Veggie of the Month

Monthly Article - Veggies for the Skin-AVOCADO

Yeah- OK so you think Avocadoes are just for Guacamole. Nope! Although I do make a mean Guacamole thanks to my late husband's Aunt Carol.

In the last ten years, I've been on various health or diet food kicks and in some instances was warned about eating avocadoes because of it's "Fat content".
Other diets encourage eating several a week as a "good fat".

Well- I'm not here to challenge your dietary habits, your eating of the green goddess of fruits or whether you have a great gaucamole recipe.
I'm here to tell you about the awesome things that Avocadoes do for your skin.

Avocado contains essential fatty acids and other nutrients that help prevent premature wrinkling. It softens skin and restores a youthful appearance. Avocados are rich in minerals and high in vitamin A and all the B vitamins.
Containing more protein than any other fruit, avocados are the perfect nourishment to maintain healthy skin.

Why did we decide to talk about Avocadoes in September? Because we all had a hot and chapping Summer with loads of hot sun and drying sun damage.
Our skin took a beating. And...Winter is coming!

Do your skin a sweet favor and try our Avocado Lemongrass & Verbena Bar.

It's made with pureed fresh Avocado, ground Lemon Verbena & Lemongrass herbs, Verbena and Lemongrass essential oils, fresh spring water and fresh whole Goat’s Milk
and superfatted with Avocado and Sunflower oils. It's fabulous for all Skin types. Restores elasticity and a youthful glow.

I've been using this for the last month - so that I could write about to you today - and the lines around my mouth,nose and lips has actually softened and disappated, since I started.
I follow up with the light oils mixture of Jojoba and Avocado. And before you think- eewwwhhh - that sounds icky and oily.
I have naturally oily skin - but this doesn't leave that feeling at all. It soft, smooth and subtle. The pores are smaller and less noticable. I love the Avocado Lemongrass Verbena bar.
It's my new favorite.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural Remedies for the Skin- Series I - Part One


General Stomach Health
We should all know by now that Cucumber is great for your digestion and stomach health by reinforcing the intestinal mucosa. It is also rich in cellulose, protects the stomach and cleans the bowel system by regulating the intestinal flora. Some people with delicate stomach do have to be careful about eating cucumbers though.
What does it do for Skin?
Because of their wealth of water, Vitamin E and natural fats, cucumbers are one of the best remedies for the external care of your skin. The fats and water soften and hydrate your skin. This returns the freshness and texture it has been loosing as a consequence of the environmental pollutants and free radicals floating all around us.

Cucumbers are extremely antioxidant and very helpful for skins that have suffered from prolonged exposure to the sun or to Chemotherapy. Cucumbers are great for a number of skin problems including:

* skin spots
* face blemishes
* oily skin
* dermatitis
* rosacea
* seborrheic dermititis
* sunburns
* fire burns

Besides the emollient properties for your skin, it also has cosmetic properties. Plain ole Cucumber (pureed in your blender or Cuisineart) can reduce wrinkles better than most of the most expensive creams on the market.

Historically, Cleopatra used cucumbers, honey, olive oil and mud mixed together as one of her beauty secrets. Without the use of a Cuisinart - I'm sure some poor slave had to mash up the cucumbers to a pulp and mix in all other other ingredients by hand. It would be interesting to see the hands of that slave- and see if she had gorgeous young hands by which to apply those great beauty treatments to the skin of her queen.

Here's a great mask you can try at home. I've tried it and always look forward to mixing up a new batch and applying it when I wanna freshen up my skin and keep it from looking so haggard.

Cucumber Mask

* 2 cucumbers, sliced thin and with the skins
* 1/2 Glass of milk cream (I use fresh raw Goat's Milk)
* 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
* 1 Tablespoon of local raw honey
* 1 Tablespoon of clean mud (I actually use Rose Kaolin clay or clay powder)

~Mix the ingredients with a blender or Cuisinart. I puree the cucumbers to a slush consistency, then add the milk, oil, honey and mud or powdered clay. I've noticed that if the cucumbers are "wetter", I don't need as much of the milk and the clay or mud works a bit better if it isn't so "wet".
~Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes
~Clean face with a fresh cut lemon, then apply the mask to face and neck (making sure to avoid getting too close to your eyes) and leave on for 1 1/2 hours. I know this seems like a long time - but natural beauty take time. This is a great time to lay down and rest, soak in the tub with some nice candles glowing, watch a movie that only you thoroughly enjoy or read a great book. Whatever way you can RELAX and take some time for yourself.
~Gently rinse off the mask and apply a natural Goat's Milk cream or your favorite facial cream or lotion. I use one that I make with Goat's Milk and more Cucumber & Cantaloupe juice.

I can't say enough about Cucumbers. Love them, grow them and enjoy them thoroughly inside and out. I even figured out how to puree them fine enough to add them into the cold process Goat's Milk soaps that I create. So...the next time you are at the Grocery and see a cucumber just sitting there looking nonchalant, grab it and use it on your face. You'll be glad you did!

I'll be writing again- very soon. Join our blog so you don't miss out on any of the posts!

Take care naturally!
Magic Moon SoapWorks